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Transcend Insights’ HealthLogix® platform is designed to address key technology issues facing healthcare delivery organizations in the movement towards value-based care: data aggregation and standardization, patient data unification and actionable analytics. As a cloud-based platform, HealthLogix provides an open and scalable foundation to support expanding population health data and analytics demands.

Data Aggregation

The HealthLogix Interoperability solution, a core element of the HealthLogix platform, serves to both aggregate and standardize data from a range of clinical, payor and enterprise data sources.

Unified Data Model

The unified data model is a permanent and ever-expanding longitudinal record of aggregated data and analytic insights for every individual.

Advanced Analytics

The Anvita Engine™, a fundamental component of the HealthLogix platform, features a library of thousands of evidence-based rules to support standard and custom quality, drug safety, utilization, and documentation measures.

Open Platform

The HealthLogix platform is built on the FHIR standard to enable ease of access to authorized and unified, data and insights.

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HealthLogix Market™ is a developer portal that provides access to authorized and unified HealthLogix data and analytics via the FHIR API and a proprietary software development kit (SDK). It allows for client and third-party applications to be integrated with or developed on top of the HealthLogix platform, ultimately fostering an open ecosystem for collaboration and innovation. Learn more.

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The HealthLogix solution suite offers a highly scalable system of population health applications and tools that leverage a single source of truth, of all patient data, to provide health systems and care teams visibility into population performance and support a more proactive and coordinated approach to care.

Learn more about how Transcend Insights’ technology empowers the transition to value-based care for improved population health and wellness:

HealthLogix Populations

HealthLogix Populations™ is a performance measurement application that allows you to quickly evaluate, design and deploy population health management initiatives at the population, cohort, facility and physician levels. Learn More.

HealthLogix Care

HealthLogix Care™ is a patient health profile application that allows you to view a streamlined, longitudinal view of patient health data and actionable health insights. Learn More.