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The platform for population wellness

The Transcend Insights® HealthLogix® platform is the underpinning of a highly scalable system of population health and wellness solutions, both first and third party, which proactively tracks patient health. Designed to empower health system executives, care teams and patients with an intuitive and impactful care experience, the HealthLogix platform works across data silos and organizations to provide users with a shared perspective of healthcare information.

Unified data sharing

One of the biggest challenges in managing the health and wellness of populations is being able to pull data from various silos across organizations. HealthLogix begins by collecting clinical, claims and wellness data from disparate systems within a care community to validate the information for detailed analyses. We ensure multiple electronic health record (EHR) systems within a community can exchange essential health information in real-time.

From health to wellness

2004 Pioneered HIE with next generation of interoperability


Certify Data Systems (now part of Transcend Insights) pioneered the next evolution of interoperable capabilities and quickly became the fastest growing company in the health information exchange (HIE) space.

This includes the establishment of our HealthLogix™ platform and HealthDock™ appliance to enable the flow of data between health systems.

2012 Industry leading Tier One HIE with integrated analytics


Chilmark Research recognized us as one of only four “Tier One HIE” vendors and stated that we have “an innovative solution that productizes deep EHR interoperability in a way that no other company is doing today.”

Since then, we have advanced the HealthLogix platform to become the industry’s first solution to integrate interoperability with real-time analytics at the point-of-care. HealthLogix allows health systems and care teams to perform electronic transactions (orders and results) and share patient summaries (CCD/C-CDA) across the community and access healthcare analytics in real-time.

2015 Formation of Transcend Insights


On March 24, 2015, Humana announced the formation of Transcend and Transcend Insights.

Transcend Insights represents the convergence of Humana subsidiaries Certify Data Systems, Anvita Health and nliven systems.

2016 Launched Unified Platform for Population Wellness


Transcend Insights announced the launch of its unified solution suite, built on its technology platform HealthLogix, at the HIMSS16 conference.

“We chose Transcend Insights® as our strategic partner because we believe its technology platform offers significant long-term advantages as we build our enterprise HIE.”

John Norenberg, vice president of corporate IT, Advocate Health Care, Oak Brook, Ill.

Proactive Healthcare Analytics

By analyzing the combined information from a community, the HealthLogix platform can provide valuable insights to care teams in real-time, empowering them with the freedom to make confident decisions. Our platform transforms disparate data into useable and meaningful insights. HealthLogix can identify everything from care gap alerts at the point of care; to big-data analytics across an entire population for proactive interventions.

“As we transition from volume to value-based models and try to figure out how we can close gaps in care, having real-time patient summaries provides insights that would otherwise be unattainable. This helps us provide a better patient experience and improve overall population health.”

Shelley Gast, system vice president, managed care and payor strategy, Norton Healthcare

A platform on FHIR

The HealthLogix platform is unique in that it uses the latest in Fast Healthcare Interoperable Resources (FHIR) technology to seamlessly and efficiently transfer data between health systems and applications. Leveraging the RESTful Application Program Interface (API) standards ensures that the HealthLogix Platform meets current and future interoperable standards. In addition to improved speed and accuracy, the platform’s FHIR API also enables a simple integration process with other third-party technology solutions to provide the flexibility you need to build your own custom technology infrastructure.

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