We realize the path to value-based care will continue to evolve, which is why we are building an open, scalable ecosystem for healthcare collaboration and innovation. The Transcend Insights HealthLogix Market™ developer portal provides access to authorized HealthLogix unified data and analytics via the FHIR API and a proprietary software development kit (SDK). It allows for client and third-party applications to be integrated with or developed on top of the HealthLogix platform, ultimately fostering an open ecosystem for collaboration and innovation.

HealthLogix Market supports this process by providing the ability to:

  • Rapidly deploy innovative technologies
  • Leverage authorized community-wide data
  • Integrate with the FHIR API
  • Scale across the HealthLogix platform

The HealthLogix® platform is the underpinning of a highly scalable system of population health applications and tools. Featuring three foundational capabilities—data aggregation, a unified data model and advanced analytics—HealthLogix enables access to comprehensive, longitudinal clinical and payor data and the visibility needed to drive value-based care.

The HealthLogix platform supports the HealthLogix Market developer portal by offering:

  • FHIR bundles for population health management
  • A scalable and adaptable architecture
  • A HealthLogix Software Developer Kit (SDK)


The vision behind HealthLogix Market™ is to establish an open, scalable marketplace for third-party healthcare applications developed on the HealthLogix® platform. This ecosystem grants access to valuable data and insights via Fast Health Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Application Program Interface (APIs) to add another level of technical customization and increased benefit to existing HealthLogix platform clients and partners.

Through the HealthLogix Market and our FHIR APIs, third party applications are integrated within the HealthLogix platform. This allows health system clients to connect with best of breed solutions for an enterprise offering. Additionally, third party partners can track population health and analyze patient information from their entire care community, a benefit of Transcend Insights® bidirectional integration.


HealthLogix Market provides third party applications and their end users with access to the same data used across the HealthLogix solution suite. Sitting on top of the HealthLogix platform users are assured that claims, clinical and wellness data are consolidated and brought into one cohesive view for the end user in the Platform for Population Wellness: HealthLogix.

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HealthLogix Market Partners will be able to access their client’s data, with consent, to deliver:

Mobile Care Plans | Utilization Metrics | Population Analytics | Risk Stratification | Clinical Integration Care Coordination | Wellness Plans

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