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HealthLogix Care™ engages care teams and individuals to improve population wellness with community-wide patient information and near real-time insights. This application helps communities and care teams collaborate more effectively to seize every care improvement opportunity and make more informed decisions at the point of care.

  • A Single, Comprehensive Patient View for Proactive Insights

    HealthLogix Care is a point of care solution that provides physicians and care teams with a single, comprehensive view of a patient’s clinical, claims and wellness data from multiple disparate sources, organized in a clear and easy-to-use format that supports confident clinical decision making. Complementing electronic health records (EHRs), HealthLogix Care breaks down information siloes by analyzing, normalizing and corroborating community-wide data to provide care teams with a more complete picture of a patient’s health; this application analyzes information to generate proactive health insights, including valuable care gap notifications. HealthLogix Care operates alongside care teams to create a positive patient experience that can lead to improved health behaviors down the road.

  • Seize Every Care Improvement Opportunity

    HealthLogix Care bridges the gap between care teams and patients by providing powerful data visualization tools that can be easily communicated and understood to help improve patient and care team collaboration at the point of care. By continuously collecting and analyzing immense amounts of patient data from multiple systems, HealthLogix Care provides timely insights to care teams that ensure physicians take advantage of preventative care opportunities when caring for a patient. Once an opportunity for care improvement is identified, HealthLogix Care allows care teams to push updated care plan information directly to a patient’s personal mobile device remotely from anywhere. Care teams can create and track detailed patient referrals from within the application, as well as review inbound referrals and notes for enhanced care coordination between multiple healthcare organizations within a community. HealthLogix Care is a solution that your care team can support to improve patient outcomes.

  • An Engaging Healthcare Experience

    By focusing on relationships first, HealthLogix Care unites care teams around a common purpose: turning patients into partners in health. This application is designed to allow care teams the flexibility to view community-wide patient information from either their desktop computers in their office or from a tablet device while sitting across from a patient at the point of care. With the clear and easy to understand interface, care teams can say goodbye to tedious distractions and say hello to their patients.