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Transcend Insights’ enterprise solutions team leverages its extensive background working with large and diverse health systems to propel population health into long-term wellness. By connecting and analyzing clinical and claims data, and providing agile consulting processes tailored to the specific needs of every client, we support our customers in optimizing health outcomes, not just for today, but for the future.


Transcend Insights’ enterprise interoperability solution, supported by the HealthLogix® Health Information Exchange (HIE), connects health systems nation-wide to our enterprise customers, allowing the bi-directional exchange of patient medical records for healthcare-based analytics. Through the sharing of information to improve quality and measure effectiveness, we help strengthen value-based relationships.



Transcend Insights’ enterprise analytics, powered by the Anvita Engine™—a high-performance analytics solution—transforms disparate clinical and claims data into actionable health intelligence. Established by Anvita™, a healthcare analytics company founded in 2000 (now part of Transcend Insights), the Anvita Engine leverages thousands of evidence-based clinical rules to process more than 7 billion clinical data points on approximately 14 million patients every day. By leveraging capabilities proven at scale, the Anvita Engine provides health systems and care teams with the insights needed to identify evidence-based gaps in care, drug safety alerts and other critical health concerns.

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Transcend Insights’ enterprise consulting team supports our robust client engagement process. Business analysts and solution engineers work closely with a client’s business and technical teams to both scope problems and in turn deliver technical solutions that meet the needs of the business. In addition, our deep domain-level expertise and agile approach to solution development streamlines the process by providing highly scalable platforms for growth and innovation.

Fast Facts

  • Our partners leverage Transcend Insights’ Anvita Engine to analyze more than 7 billion clinical data points on approximately 14 million patients, in less than 5 hours every day.
  • In 2015, Transcend Insights’ enterprise analytics helped its partners identify more than 58.4 million opportunities for care improvement, resulting in over 5.4 million closures of gaps-in-care. This includes helping its partners identify more than 380,000 opportunities to impact drug safety and over 5 million opportunities to increase medication adherence, appropriate tests or screenings.
  • Transcend Insights’ enterprise analytics are capable of integrating with e-prescribing and pharmacy benefit management solutions to provide real-time analytics at the point of care and at the pharmacy. This includes clinical policy analytics to override unnecessary prior-authorizations and the ability to recommend medication alternatives based on plan coverage and price.
  • The company’s HIE technology – the core of the HealthLogix HIE solution—was recognized by Chilmark Research as one of the four “Tier One HIE” vendors in 2012 and stated as having “an innovation solution that productizes deep EHR interoperability in a way that no other company is doing today”.
  • Transcend Insights’ enterprise interoperability solution connects health systems nation-wide to Humana, transmitting on average 900,000 clinical transactions monthly.

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