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Empowering Lifelong Well-Being


We are a population health company

Transcend Insights, Vision: Save the PlanetWe are a population health management company that is empowering lifelong well-being with The Platform Above. We have challenged ourselves, our partners and our clients to build simpler, more powerful and streamlined solutions to confront the most complex tasks and scenarios. When people engage with their care community we move from reactively supporting care to jointly managing the wellness of a population. We believe population wellness is more than just a vision; it’s a reality that we’re driving every day as we build The Platform Above for better care and healthier lives.

Disrupting the
sick-care cycle

Transcend Insights, Vision: Cycle

What is Population Wellness? At Transcend Insights®, we define population wellness as the prevention of negative outcomes to optimize health outcomes across a community of individuals. Population wellness emphasizes maintaining, restoring or supporting the best health and promoting the best life of a given population. Population health and wellness requires an active relationship among individuals, care teams and communities, to enable a more proactive – not merely reactive – mindset and approach to care.

Transitioning to a system of

The Platform for Population Wellness

Transcend Insights, Vision: Steps

Today’s health system is disconnected and focused on treating those with health concerns rather than promoting and maintaining the wellness of healthy individuals. All too often, individuals wait for an emergency before visiting a healthcare facility and fall into a “sick-care cycle” that is difficult to break. By the time a person needs to visit the hospital, his or her health has deteriorated to a point where it is difficult to manage and opportunities for preventive wellness have elapsed.

Healthcare is evolving from an episodic approach to care to a proactive model of population wellness. To transition to this new model of care, care teams and administrators need actionable data collected from multiple sources, delivered at the point of care in a clear, timely and meaningful way. Further, individuals need a way to manage their own care in coordination with their care teams. One shared perspective of the data that includes insight into the individuals’ health at home, at work and in various care settings, is a critical factor for success. By analyzing both claims and clinical data, care teams can utilize healthcare analytics to make proactive care decisions, better manage their populations and improve the health and wellness of the people they serve.

The three pillars upon which we have developed our
population wellness vision:

Powering your experience:

Individual patients, care teams, healthcare leaders. Everyone is a part of our health system. We are passionate about making your unique role in health intuitive, impactful and ready for the future.

Freedom to make confident decisions:

Better health begins with your decisions. We can help you make them more confidently by providing information that’s relevant to you – backed by evidence – and by removing barriers that get in the way of people achieving their best health.

We enable care teams, not tools:

Population health is not a sum of technologies. It is an active relationship between you, the individual patient and the countless others connected to their care. We help you strengthen these relationships and work together as one.

Where do we go from here?

Population health is just the beginning. Beyond applications for population health and patient engagement, we are building an open, scalable environment and encouraging the healthcare community to help us build upon our vision. Recognizing that we don’t have all the answers but must work in partnership together, Transcend Insights is creating an ecosystem for innovation into which health systems can tap into. With a future-proof platform, loaded with embedded Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Application Program Interfaces (APIs), that supports both first and third applications, we can support the evolution of population health and wellness together with the broader healthcare information technology community.