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HIMSS18, Interoperability
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We are excited to share that Marc Willard, president of Transcend Insights, hosted the first #TranscendInsightsTalk tweetchat on the topic of interoperability, Wednesday, March 7 at the HIMSS18 conference.

#TranscendInsightsTalk: The State of Interoperability in Healthcare

Population health management requires the ability to identify where preventive measures, care management and other interventions are needed. The ability to aggregate clinical information across networks and between hospitals and physicians is essential to improving patient outcomes and advancing value-based care. Interoperability is key to successful population health management today and will become even more important going forward.

During this tweetchat, Transcend Insights’ Marc Willard and guest, Dr. Geeta Nayyar, discussed the urgent pursuit of interoperability, from the realities of today’s barriers, to promising developments and the path ahead. To view the discussion:

Questions discussed during the #TranscendInsightsTalk:

  • Q1. Why do we need #interoperability in healthcare? #TranscendInsightsTalk #HIMSS18 #EmpowerHIT
  • Q2. Why is interoperability such a struggle? #TranscendInsightsTalk #HIMSS18 #empowerHIT
  • Q3. How are you addressing the interoperability challenge? #TranscendInsightsTalk #HIMSS18 #empowerHIT
  • Q4. Do you see any trends on the horizon that will make interoperability more or less important? #TranscendInsightsTalk #HIMSS18 #empowerHIT
  • Q5. Are there any developments around interoperability that you find particularly promising? #TranscendInsightsTalk #HIMSS18 #empowerHIT