HIMSS16 Petri Dish: The Person in the Middle

By , Vice President of Marketing and Business Development
Health IT

HIMSS16 Petri Dish:
The Person in the Middle

By Kristin Russel, Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy, Transcend Insights

This is the Year of Person-Centric Care

By all accounts, the 2016 Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS16) Conference and Exhibition is gearing up to be another year of new advances in healthcare information technology (HCIT).  As our cumulative efforts to advance electronic health records take hold, we (the HCIT community) have evolved from the early 2000s when we simply had a desire to implement electronic systems, to 2005-2010 when we established a mission to connect these systems, to today where we are deriving analytics from the systems and actually creating solutions and applications that empower patients, putting healthcare where it belongs – with the person.

“Patient Engagement” or “Person-Centric Care” denotes a solution in which patients are empowered with data and technology that allows them to connect their care experience across their care teams, physicians, geographies and diagnoses. The concept of person-centric care is nothing new, but the extent to which this theory is now forcing actual change in our healthcare technology landscape is driving much of the innovation that we will see at HIMSS16 in Las Vegas this year.

Is This For Real?

As we look to validate the degree to which the healthcare technology community is embracing the concept of patient engagement, particularly as it applies to population health, HIMSS16 is the petri dish we’ve been waiting for.  This year I’m particularly looking forward to:

  • Seeing is Believing: The apps are real!  A number of vendors both small and large are announcing new innovations with light weight apps that are built on platforms and patient engagement tools. I look forward to test driving the latest advances we, as a community, have made on the HIMSS exhibit floor over the past year.
  • Hearing from the C-Suite: The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) Chief Information Officers (CIO) forum, scheduled for Monday, February 29, boasts a keynote presentation by Jack Uldrich, the global futurist and best-selling author titled, “Leadership Insights for the Year 2020 and Beyond” Personally, I am interested in hearing his predictions focused on the health IT executive and understanding how the role of health leaders effect the evolution of healthcare technology.
  • Understanding the Role of the Government: Keynote speaker Sylvia Matthew Burwell, the secretary of health and human services, plans to discuss the critical role that HCIT and health information exchange play in the continuing transformation of healthcare…has patient engagement made it into the archives of our healthcare administrators?
  • Validating Population Health in Patient Engagement: Seeing firsthand how companies are connecting their population health solutions with patient engagement applications and strategies.

Who is in the Driver’s Seat?

As things wind down to a close and the hype of HIMSS16 and Vegas subsides, person-centric care becomes real when…

  • Electronic connectivity is achieved between care teams and their patients, data can be shared securely, and is available in real-time.
  • Systems are open and accessible, and services are available where and when the patient needs them.
  • Changing payment models increasingly require that patients see direct value in their care.
  • Patients can engage with physicians from anywhere regardless of system technology.

Most importantly, patient-centric care is about you and me.  We’ll know we’re making a difference when we can feel the impact within our own lives. If one of my daughters were to require urgent care and visit an emergency room where her personal health information was not only shared after her stay, but also during her visit… her care would be significantly enhanced. Moreover, if we could easily access and share information across our entire care network; from pediatrician, to surgeon, to an individual’s family supporting their health and care, care decisions could be enhanced and a patient’s health improved. This HIMSS, I look forward to seeing just how far we, the HCIT community, have come in reaching our goals for a more proactive, person-centric approach to care that improves population health and wellness.

What are you looking forward to at HIMSS16?


HIMSS16 Annual Conference and Exhibition will be in Las Vegas, NV, February 29 – March 4, 2016.