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Survey: Patients Regard Open Access To Their Medical Records As Critical To Receiving High Quality Healthcare

By Transcend Insights
Health IT, Interoperability, Population Health & Wellness
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By Transcend Insights

Despite advances in the use of electronic health records (EHRs), the health industry continues to struggle with sharing health information and making patient data available across the healthcare system. One study, for example, found that only a quarter of all hospitals are able to functionally exchange (find, send, receive and use) clinical information with external providers. While much attention has focused on this issue from an industry perspective, it’s unclear what patients think about it. Are they aware of the gaps that exist in medical information sharing? This was the guiding theme of our research.

The primary objectives of this survey were to:

  • Understand how important medical information sharing, among other factors, is to patients in order to receive a personalized care experience.
  • Understand the degree to which patients believe medical information sharing is happening behind the scenes of their healthcare.
  • Understand how care provider access to a patient’s full health history may influence that individual’s perceptions of care quality and trust in care.
  • Assess whether patients are using digital health technologies to monitor their health and whether they see value in using new technologies to engage with their care providers.

To gather these and other insights, Transcend Insights conducted an online survey among U.S. adults who have seen a doctor within the past year. Fieldwork was conducted by Research Now between January 20 and January 26, 2017. A total of 2,597 responses to the survey were collected. Respondents are nationally representative of U.S. Census statistics for age, gender and geographic region. Oversamples were done for patients with chronic health conditions and consumers on Medicare health plans.