Clean Data: The Critical Component for Population Health Success

By Transcend Insights
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critical component for population health success

Clean Data: The Critical Component for Population Health Success

Many healthcare organizations are jumping on the population health bandwagon. However, their journeys could quickly derail if they don’t pay close attention to managing and maintaining data. Clean data is the critical component for population health success.

FACT: 90 Percent of CIOS Are Planning for Population Health

Certainly, population health is in vogue, as is evidenced by the fact that 72 percent of healthcare Chief Information Officers (CIOs) believe that their organizations have population health strategies in place and 90 percent claim that population health is a part of their 2017 strategic plans, according to a 2016 focus group conducted by Transcend Insights at the College of Healthcare Information Executives (CHIME) Fall Forum.

Include All Aspects of Health

While population health can take a variety of forms as it evolves, it’s likely that many of these organizations will work using models where the goals read similarly to the following vision that has been advanced by Christy Harris Lemak, professor and chair of the Health Services Administration Department at the University of Alabama at Birmingham:

“Understanding (measuring) the health of a defined population (community, covered life population, set of patients) to include all aspects of health (physical, mental, etc.) and to include the underlying determinants of that health (e.g., poverty, housing, nutrition, exercise, pollution) and, most importantly, working to improve the health of that population.” 

Putting Everything Together

Under this paradigm, it’s clear that healthcare organizations need to rely on knowledge drawn from multiple sources to succeed. “A population health mindset is inclusive of as many health factors, as many data sources, and as many viewpoints as there are people involved in the system,” said Thomas J. Van Gilder, MD, JD, MPH, chief medical officer and vice president of informatics and analytics at Transcend Insights®. “So, you need to be thinking in an inclusive manner and not just of focusing on the specific risk factors or the specific condition at hand.”

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