Bridging Silos for Value-Based Care: Data Interoperability and the Management of a Medicare Advantage Population

By Transcend Insights
Bridging Silos for Value-Based Care: Data Interoperability and the Management of a Medicare Advantage Population

Healthcare is moving from a fee-for-service model toward a value-based care approach, but there is a roadblock preventing a seamless transition: the poor interoperability of data.

Interoperability, which refers to the ability to share and access data, can knit together a fragmented healthcare system to support the delivery of better outcomes. Unfortunately, we are not there yet. First, there is the lack of access due to data silos. Second, data is being produced in different formats, which creates challenges for integrating data sources. Third, the large volumes of data being generated necessitate a significant resource push in aligning all data on one central platform to achieve the best results. These factors result in a fragmented and often frustrating healthcare experience for both healthcare providers and the patients they serve while also compromising healthcare administrators’ ability to manage effectively.

In the absence of true interoperability, Humana is currently using a combination of people, process and technology to facilitate better outcomes in healthcare. The ultimate goal, however, is to achieve semantic interoperability, where systems can share data seamlessly without any human interaction. This type of interoperability will ensure that physicians and care teams do not get mired in a data fog. Instead, semantic interoperability will liberate them to focus on the patients, leveraging data to deliver the best and most efficient outcomes.

To learn more, listen to this webinar presented by Humana’s Intermountain Regional President, Catherine Field and Transcend Insights’ President, Marc Willard. This webinar will dive more into:

  1. Technical concepts of healthcare data interoperability and the importance interoperability plays in orchestrating value-based care
  2. How Humana currently receives and delivers healthcare data
  3. Challenges and solutions specific to Medicare Advantage plan population health management
  4. Important developments and technical needs for creating interoperability essential to value-based care management

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