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Enable Care Teams, Not Tools

Our HealthLogix™ platform and unified solution suite break down silos between clinical and business operations. We support a single healthcare experience to coordinate care around your patients and promote wellness.

    • Integrate and analyze clinical, claims and wellness data from disparate data sources, to refer to the insights you need in one, central location.
    • Leverage an open, scalable environment that integrates the latest in Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for fast, easy connections.
    • Store and retrieve information from our Electronic Data Warehouse (EDW) to seamlessly connect data for a single person, a group of individuals, or an entire population.
    • Embrace our open Platform as a Service (PAAS) approach to allow for growth and ingenuity.

“We started work on FHIR out of frustration with the complexity and unwieldiness of the existing healthcare standards, and because we could see wonderful things happening on the web. Our goal is to drive down the costs of exchanging data, to set the healthcare information free so that people can solve real world healthcare problems more easily and cheaply.”

Grahame Grieve – FHIR Lead

Power Your Experience

Transcend Insights offers a solution that your clinical team can get behind. Our open, scalable platform optimizes your experience and lets you spend less time fixing problems and more time innovating solutions.

    • Ensure community accessibility to your population health data without the hassle of various logins.
    • Provide a simple implementation process.
    • Attract clinicians–our platform is designed by physicians, for physicians.

Have the Freedom to Make Confident Decisions

With the HealthLogix platform and unified solution suite you can have confidence that the data you use to guide care and business decisions are high-quality and current. We are prepared to help you navigate a future driven by consumer health and wellness data.

We follow the FHIR manifesto:

    • Focus on implementers
    • Keep common scenarios simple
    • Leverage existing technologies
    • Provide human readability
    • Make content freely available
    • Support multiple paradigms & architectures


Currently we have three healthcare solutions built on our HealthLogix platform, one designed for you and your health system executives, your care teams and patients.

HealthLogix Populations

A performance measurement application that provides actionable, configurable visualizations and dashboards to help health system executives and care teams quickly evaluate quality and utilization metrics, and compare performance across an entire care community. Users can access comprehensive data visualizations, such as facility performance comparison views to identify opportunities to improve health outcomes.

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HealthLogix Care

A tablet and web-based application that provides physicians and care teams with a single, comprehensive view of a patient’s clinical, claims and wellness data at the point of care. Complementing electronic health records, this solution generates timely, proactive insights that support confident decision making for a more engaging patient care experience.

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HealthLogix Market™

The Transcend Insights® HealthLogix Market developer portal offers a common core, plug-and-play architecture, which allows for Transcend Insights’ and third-party applications to be developed on top of our platform.

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