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Enable Care Teams, Not Tools

Our HealthLogix™ platform and unified solution suite focuses on the care team-patient relationship. We provide technology that unites your care teams around a common purpose: turning patients into partners in health. We help you strengthen your relationship with the individuals you care for long after they have left the office.

    • Integrate and analyze clinical, claims and wellness data from disparate data sources and visualize the insights you need in one, central location.
    • Enable a single, shared perspective of a patient’s health to align health partners, care teams, physicians and patients.
    • Support an integrated approach to care plans via a comprehensive mobile application and patient portal.

Transcend Insights’ enterprise-grade solutions have powered interoperability for more than:

In 2015, we helped our partners identify more than 58.4 million opportunities for care improvement

Power Your Experience

Say goodbye to tedious distractions and say hello to your patients. Our suite of applications is designed to offer comprehensive, relevant population health solutions. Developed with future technology trends in mind, our solutions help to create a positive patient experience that can lead to improved health behaviors down the road.

    • Ensure accessibility to your population health data without the hassle of various logins.
    • Enable true interoperability for a streamlined experience at the point of care.
    • Improve physician satisfaction with solutions that fully integrate into your workflows.
    • Connect with your patients and prescribe wellness plans through our patient engagement applications.


In 2015, we helped our partners close more than 5.4 million gaps in care

Have the Freedom to Make Confident Decisions

Imagine referring to all of the data you want in one place, to help you see a complete picture of a person’s health, not just a snapshot in time. Transcend Insights provides in-the-moment support that you can actually use. We can help prepare you for a value-based future, where decisions start with you.

    • Refer to relevant care alerts including evidence-based gaps in care, drug safety concerns and other areas for health improvement.
    • Retrieve health insights via a single, comprehensive patient view in near real-time.


In 2015, we helped our partners identify more than 5 million opportunities to increase medication adherence, appropriate tests or screenings


Currently we have three healthcare solutions built on our HealthLogix platform, one designed for your health system executives, your patients and you.

HealthLogix Populations

A performance measurement application that provides actionable, configurable visualizations and dashboards to help health system executives and care teams quickly evaluate quality and utilization metrics, and compare performance across an entire care community. Users can access comprehensive data visualizations, such as facility performance comparison views to identify opportunities to improve health outcomes.

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HealthLogix Care

A tablet and web-based application that provides physicians and care teams with a single, comprehensive view of a patient’s clinical, claims and wellness data at the point of care. Complementing electronic health records, this solution generates timely, proactive insights that support confident decision making for a more engaging patient care experience.

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HealthLogix Market™

The Transcend Insights® HealthLogix Market developer portal offers a common core, plug-and-play architecture, which allows for Transcend Insights’ and third-party applications to be developed on top of our platform.

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