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Our HealthLogix® technology platform and unified solution suite helps health system executives, care teams and patients transition from episodic to proactive care for long-term wellness. By providing solutions and insights that support a more proactive, person-centric approach to care, we are powering a better care experience, giving people the freedom to make confident decisions, and helping to enable care teams, not tools, to improve the health and long-term wellness of populations.


We help your business improve patient wellness. Tracking hospital readmissions and meeting the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines for accountable care organizations and proactive health are what you do – let us provide you a comprehensive view of your data to help identify trends and problem areas.  Managing gaps in care that can compromise patient safety and an organizations’ bottom line is critical in today’s care environment – our Transcend Insights®’ unified solution suite provides connected data from multiple systems for a coordinated, timely view so you can be confident in your decisions.

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Our HealthLogix platform and unified solution suite focuses on increasing care team and patient collaboration. We provide technology that unites you and your care teams around a common purpose: turning patients into partners in health. Our applications are designed to offer comprehensive, relevant and personal population health solutions that operate across systems and silos providing actionable insights at the point of care.

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The HealthLogix platform can help you break down silos between clinical and business operations. We support a single healthcare experience to coordinate care around your patients and promote wellness. Our open, scalable platform connects disparate systems to optimize your experience and lets you spend less time documenting and fixing problems and more time innovating solutions.

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Transcend Insights’ HealthLogix Platform and unified solution suite can be your answer to solving complex technology problems, improving health and improving your bottom line for population wellness.