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Population Health is not a Sum of Technologies

It is an active relationship between the individual and countless others connected to his or her care. Transcend Insights®’ approach to technology is one with a focus on the care team over the tool. Providing solutions that strengthen relationships with technology allows for individuality and the minimization of data silos, enabling organizations to work together.

Our Vision

At Transcend Insights, we believe in empowering lifelong well-being with healthcare solutions that are innovative and provide the foundation for an evolving healthcare ecosystem. This means we are investing heavily in an open, secure, plug-and-play platform and unified solution suite that will support the applications we build, while supporting the innovation of others.

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Our Mission

As much as life comprises of both sickness and wellness, it is wellness for which we strive. As individuals, wellness is our goal and with our person-centric, innovative approach to the HealthLogix® platform and solution suite, driving wellness while solving for sickness is at the core of our mission.

Our Clients

At Transcend Insights, we build long-term partnerships with our clients. Through these partnerships, we help optimize health and outcomes for today and the future.

Beyond our long-term clients, we have a unique relationship with Humana Inc. Our health information exchange technology and healthcare analytics support much of the Humana infrastructure. Given our experience working with large and diverse populations, we are able to provide an innovative and proven approach for managing the health and wellness of populations.

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Fast Facts

Our partners leverage Transcend Insights’ enterprise solutions to analyze more than 7 billion clinical data points on approximately 14 million patients every day.

In 2015:

– We helped our partners identify over 58.4 million opportunities for care improvement including more than 380,000 opportunities to impact drug safety and more than 5 million opportunities to increase medication adherence, appropriate tests or screenings.

– We helped our partners close over 5.4 million gaps in care.

Transcend Insights represents the convergence of Humana’s healthcare technology businesses – Certify Data Systems, Anvita Health and nliven systems.