A Journey of Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Technology for Healthcare Innovation

By , Vice President of Marketing and Business Development
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A Journey of Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Technology for Healthcare Innovation

A Journey of Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Technology for Healthcare Innovation

Meet Transcend Insights’ New Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy, Kristin Russel

Kristin joins Transcend Insights as an accomplished entrepreneur with a passion for lifelong learning, health, care and innovation. Learn about Kristin’s journey to Transcend Insights:

A History Enriched with Technology and Entrepreneurship

I grew up as the daughter of two university professors.  A constant theme in our house was lifelong learning: challenges were welcomed as opportunities to be explored. The concepts of giving back and doing more resonated throughout my years of school and adventures abroad; ultimately culminating in my own professional career within the healthcare and innovation space. I began my journey into marketing and healthcare via a circuitous route with stints as a technology consultant and an entrepreneur.

A Critical Step with Challenges Ahead

It was not until I moved to Kansas City, and began a new role with Cerner, that I became truly enamored with the opportunities for technological solutions in healthcare. The challenges, as we all know, are massive – disconnected systems and data silos; disconcerted users with little time to learn; and a general lack of solutions that transform healthcare data into valuable insights at the point of care… I was hooked! During this time, Cerner became my ‘university’ and the Cerner customers my ‘professor’.  I learned first-hand what it meant for hospital systems to invest millions of precious healthcare dollars into their electronic health records (EHRs) to achieve a single connected system.  Similarly, I saw the challenges of working with different EHRs and the limitations of data accessibility to enable more informed decisions. The call for interoperability from the care teams was loud then and is a battle cry now.

‘Population Health’ – It’s more than Just a Buzzword…

So why did I choose to join Transcend Insights? Honestly, they had me at “hello”… ‘Population health’ is more than just a buzzword – there is a visceral need within our healthcare system today for robust analytics that can simplify the myriad data streams surrounding the individual and combine information for informed decision making at the point of care. I was impressed with the Transcend Insights solutions and the overall vision. The organization is delivering on a promise to improve the health of populations by focusing on products that support healthcare systems in prevention and wellness care, as well as illness. I truly believe in what Transcend Insights is doing to help healthcare systems, physicians and care teams achieve better health outcomes. I am honored and excited to be a part of this journey.


On a separate note – Happy National Health Information Technology (IT) Week! As a member of the Health IT family, I am very passionate about achieving value for healthcare systems, physicians, care teams, and at the core – the individual – through measures that enhance better care for individuals and better health for populations.  Health IT is not only my job but my passion and helping our developers, physicians and entrepreneurs tell the story of population health is my way of supporting this cause and initiating a difference.